About US

About Us

Meet the Title Girl

Chelsea Cunningham

The Title Girl was envisioned and spearheaded by a young entrepreneur, Chelsea Cunningham, who has a dynamic variety of experience in the automobile industry. Chelsea entered the auto world at the young age of 21. She jumped in with both feet and began buying cars from auctions then retailing and wholesaling them.

Her next move was to join the sales force of one of the largest privately held automobile franchises in the USA specializing in the luxury market. It was here she further developed insights and passion for the world of automobiles.

Chelsea’s goal to establish a life in the great state of Texas ushered in the next chapter of her story. Once she relocated to Texas, it became the launching pad into the independent dealer market and the dream of The Title Girl began to form.

So how did The Title Girl begin?

What were the drivers behind Chelsea’s vision and mission in bringing The Title Girl to life? A love of cars, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a strong desire to serve others.

Her mission today is to reduce the time dealerships and rental companies spend on managing the titling process and enabling them to focus on what matters most; growing their business.

Our values

Values that make The Title Girl your solution for all title needs:


The Title Girl’s number one value is to provide an excellent standard of service to our customers. We offer multiple resources to ensure that titles transfer and registrations are accurately processed. We are aware the service we provide directly impacts a customer’s view of your dealership, and at The Title Girl we strive to make you look great!


We bring consistency to the table in a very inconsistent industry. Our procedures, methods, and schedules are both consistent and transparent. You will have access to follow the process of our service.


We live by our tag line: “We don’t drag our heels”. Our business model is designed to produce accurate and timely results. Our goal is to process your titles and registrations in a manner so that you receive funding as soon as possible; at the same time keeping your customers satisfied.