Meet the Title Girl

Chelsea Cunningham

The Title Girl was envisioned and spearheaded by a young entrepreneur, Chelsea Cunningham, who has a dynamic variety of experience in the automobile industry. Chelsea entered the auto world at the young age of 21. She jumped in with both feet and began buying cars from auctions then retailing and wholesaling them. Her next move was to join the sales force of one of the largest privately held automobile franchises in the USA specializing in the luxury market. It was here she further developed insights and passion for the world of automobiles.
Chelsea’s goal to establish a life in the great state of Texas ushered in the next chapter of her story. Once she relocated to Texas, it became the launching pad into the independent dealer market and the dream of The Title Girl began to form.


So how did The Title Girl begin?

Loving the car business and having a strong desire to serve others were the primary components that created Chelsea’s mission: reduce time dealers spend on managing cars already sold and enable them to focus time on new sales. With these ingredients, The Title Girl came to fruition!

Our values



The Title Girl’s number one value is to provide an excellent standard of service to our customers. We offer multiple resources to ensure that titles and registrations are accurately processed. We are aware the service we provide directly impacts a customer’s view of your dealership, and at The Title Girl we strive to make you look great!


We bring consistency to the table in a very inconsistent industry. Our procedures, methods, and schedules are both consistent and transparent. You will have access to follow the process of our service.


We live by our motto: “We don’t drag our heels”. Our business model is designed to produce accurate and timely results. Our goal is to process your titles and registrations in a manner so that you receive funding as soon as possible; at the same time keeping your customers satisfied.

our services

We have specific services tailored to your meet your needs.

Local Texas Dealers

Tired of sending your admin, sales guy or even personally standing in line at the tax office for hours only to get a rejection?

You can expect us to:

  • Eliminate this title headache
  • Act as your mobile department
  • Complete transfer day after pick up
  • Email white slips for quick funding

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Out of State Dealers

Having difficulties getting your paperwork processed in Texas?

You can expect us to:

  • Timely process your titles any of the 254 Texas counties
  • Provide fees and document verification
  • Manage the shipping, oversee the follow up and assure accurate paperwork

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Lost or stolen title?

If you need help obtaining a duplicate title, our team will:

  • Retrieve your title within 72 hours after receiving all of the necessary documents

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Bought from the auction and unsure how to retrieve title?

If you cannot obtain a duplicate title, our team will:

  • Identify the process needed to bond title
  • Provide the necessary documentation

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Fleet Vehicles

Are you a company with a fleet of vehicles but no title department?

Our team will:

  • Transfer titles, renew your registrations and retrieve new titles
  • Complete acquisition transfers
  • Provide accurate documentation (saving time and money)
  • Accurately calculate tax amount for your vehicle

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Personal Registration Renewals

Too busy to go to the local tax office and missed your online window?

You can expect our
team to:

  • Process your registration renewal for you

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our dealer process

Our solution is simple, consistent, and transparent.


  • Call/Email your Title Girl

    Contact us and we will come to your location to set a schedule for pick-ups and deliveries.

  • Same day pick up

    We pick up daily directly from your dealership. The Title Girl representative can assist you with any questions you have as well as review paperwork to assure accuracy.

  • Title Transferred the following day

    We oversee the entire process at the tax office.

  • Emailed White Slips

    White slips are emailed within 24 hours for prompt funding.

  • Plates Delivered

    The Title Girl representative delivers license plates and registration paperwork to your dealership the same day they are processed.


  • Title Documents Sent to The Title Girl

    Once received the paperwork is reviewed, funds are allocated correctly and assigned to your customer's county.

  • Send to County

    We liaison the title transfer from you to the county handling issues discrepancies and follow up.

  • Receive Plates from county

    We verify the correct transfer.

  • Plates Mailed

    The Title Girl representative mails license plates and registration paperwork to your dealership or to the customer based on preference.