Our Process

Our Process

Check our Quick Action Process for Car Title Transfer and Registration.

our dealer process

Our solution is simple, consistent, and transparent.


  • Contact Us

    Email or call us and we’ll meet with you to schedule pick-ups and deliveries over duration of the process.

  • Same day pick up

    One of our representatives will pick up needed paperwork at your location. They will also review that paperwork to ensure accuracy and completeness.

  • Next Day Title Transfer

    Your paperwork will be processed the following day, overseen by our representative.

  • Emailed White Slips

    Within 24 hours, your white slip will be sent to you via email for prompt funding.

  • Same Day Delivery

    Your plates and registration paperwork will be delivered to your place of business on the same day on which they are processed.


  • Title Documents Received

    Once we’ve received and reviewed your paperwork, funds are allocated accordingly and assigned to your customer's county.

  • Send to County

    We manage the title transfer to the county, handling issues, and addressing any discrepancies.

  • Receive Plates from County

    The Title Girl verifies the completion and accuracy of the transfer from County.

  • Plates Mailed

    Our representative sendsout the license plates and registration paperwork via USPS where needed; to either your place of business or to the customer, based on your preference.